How to Use the Action Research Builder

It is recommended to enter your Action Research Project in the builder when the candidate is completely finished with his/her project (when ready for final submission). As you work on your ARP and get feedback from your panel, changes are inevitable. It is best to wait until all changes have been made before entering it in the builder. If you start earlier, you will need to go back into the builder and copy/paste any changes.

Step 1 Log into Atlas.

Step 2 Click on the Faculty tab.

Step 3 Scroll down to the section "Faculty Development" (bottom middle). Click on the Action Research Project Builder link.


Step 4 Click on the "start a new project" link.


Step 5 Fill out the information on the Research Project page. On the left side, there is a link with an example to demonstrate how the form is filled out.

Under the "Program/Initiative Supporting Project, all candidates in the tenure process working on their FLO #1 Action Research Project should select Teaching/Learning Academy (TLA).


Step 6 Click "Launch Project".

Step 7 From the upper menu, you will go through each of the menu items and copy/paste the information from your completed project. Remember, there is an explanation and example on each page you enter information. Each tab/link in the menu bar correlates with a section of your Action Research Project. Note that in some sections (such as Adequate Preparation and Methods/Assessments), there is a drop down to select the subcategories. Make sure you fill out each section. On each page, you have the opportunity to upload documents or graphics. Make sure you save your file frequently. Atlas times out fairly frequently, and you will lose any data you did not save if it times out prior to saving.


Step 8 When the project has been completely entered, and checked for accuracy, you have one last step to publish the file for dissemination. On the "Project" page at the bottom you must select YES to the "Completed" (in red) section. Once you select YES, the project will be visible to your committee to show you have made your work public (required for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning).