Clear Goals

 The components of the Clear Goals section of an AR Project include:

  1. Abstract of the study
  2. Action Research Question



Your abstract should concisely summarize and highlight the primary points of your Action Research Project. The purpose is to help colleagues quickly decide if your project can support their own project or practice. The abstract should be concise and include purpose, methods, and results of your project. An abstract should not be longer than ½ page or 125 words



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Action Research Question

The research question must be included here and should be polished and clearly aligned with the FLO.   You may have more than one research question. The following prompts can help you identify the question that will be the basis for your Action Research Project. Answer the questions that are relevant to your project as a way to focus your ideas. Remember, action research questions are about what you are doing, not what other people are doing.  


As with your Year 1 ILP, the Research Question should