Significant Results

methods.png The significant results provide primary evidence and analysis to justify your answer to the research question. The results should be:

Project results should be analyzed in relation to the original FLO and research question, and explanation of the evidence and supporting artifacts should demonstrate that the candidate has learned, achieved, or accomplished the FLO. Explanation should include description of how project results will inform your practice and impact student learning. Evidence and supporting artifacts should be sufficient to demonstrate achievement of the FLO. You should use an effective mix of text and graphics to clearly present and explain the data/findings/results. Student work/feedback, if applicable, should document the achievement of the goals of the FLO. Remove students' names from all student work.

The following prompts can help you explain the findings of your Action Research Project. Answer the questions that are relevant to your project as a way to focus your ideas.

  1. How shall I describe the results of my project? (tables, graphs, narratives)
  2. How well have I labeled and explained my graphs/charts?
  3. How well did my students accomplish the SLOs?
  4. Did the methods remedy the problem in terms of changes in knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and commitment of students and/or of myself?
  5. Were the results what I expected?

In your portfolio you should refer to artifacts that document the results of your research question.