Effective Presentation

The effective presentation of the entire project should be:

Plan for Dissemination

It is commonly held that scholarly work should be made public. In one or two sentences, describe how you will make your project public. You are required to upload the action research project into the AR Builder in Atlas, and distribute the portfolio to the dean and panel members. The following prompts can help you identify how you plan to make your work public, both in the Action Research Builder and beyond.

Remember, when communicating your results: 

Valencia's Action Research Builder

  1. Tutorial with examples and explanations for each element of an ARP
  2. Puts finished ARP's in a consistent, readable and printable format
  3. Professional quality (edit)
  4. Database for searching all Valencia's ARP s

To access the ARP Builder, log into Atlas and click on the "Faculty" tab. Directions to log access the ARP builder can also be found on Valencia's website. Directions can also be followed on the next page.